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We specialize in overseeing and managing the creation of exceptional online courses. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive, well-structured, and engaging learning experience that brings together all your knowledge and expertise.

  • While you keep focused on running your business we manage content creation and course design.
  • We ensure that your employees are minimally burdened during the process.
  • We prevent the process from dragging on indefinitely.

Experience a Smooth Creation Process for Your MOOCs and Online Courses!

Energize and activate your online course with a dynamic session where we lay the foundation, ensuring an engaging learning experience.
Our expert team will craft a solid didactical concept and create compelling learning materials, making your course highly effective and enjoyable.
We provide full support from launch to attracting participants and offer partnerships for course marketing, helping you reach a wider audience and maximize your course's impact.


Meet the team

Stephan Eltink

Project Manager & Instructional design

Fanny Nordberg


Joost Knol

video production /


What we offer

Project management for the development of your online courses

Facilitate the development of online courses and MOOCs. We take care of course design, planning, and execution. This relieves you of the burden, and you have the freedom to decide your level of involvement in the project.

Learnfix provides a team capable of offering:

  •  instructional expertise.
  • production of multimedia learning resources, including video.
  • engaging content knowledge.

Furthermore, Learnfix can simultaneously handle the commercial offering of the online course.



  • Design a basic course
  • Max 3 modules
  • Basic video and multimedia



  • Design a standard course
  • Max 5 modules
  • Mild interaction and multimedia



  • Full course development
  • Max 10 modules
  • Multiple modes of interaction and video

They Say

What They Say

Stephan is a trustful, hardworking and inventive colleague who well-managed the process of MOOC making in TERRANOVA.

With seven Early Stage Resarchers we accomplished this task in 9 months. Stephan was also a great expert in didactics lifting various chapters in the MOOC to a better quality. It was a pleasure working with Stephan preparing and guiding through studio recording and making an excellent MOOC. Lastly we share the value that we are both (rythmical) musicians!

Sjoerd Kluiving - Associate Professor in Geoarchaeology and Anthropocene Studies - University of Alabama


I am very happy with the E-learning that Stephan has made for our teachers to make high-quality knowledge clips. It is a very clear step-by-step plan with the most important starting points for a good clip and with the practical do's and don'ts that the teachers are dying for!

Karin Venetis - Head of Center of Learning UvA


Stephan is highly valued in our organisation. As an expert in learning technology and digital
didactics, he specializes in learning management systems for student engagement and video-based learning. Furthermore, I learned to know Mr. Eltink as someone who can lead and motivate teams to reach goals.

Janneke Waelen - Director for Center of Teaching and Learning


Stephan is very professional, diligent and knows his field very well. He was also very sensitive to the needs of the workshop attendees and very much aware of the changes in the tertiary education setup, mainly in the face of the current pandemic. The expertise that he shared with us has been of great help in creating more interactive content through knowledge clips for our students.

Tshering Lhamo - Univerzity of Bhutan


As an expert in the field of blended learning, Stephan has helped me (read: our course) in shaping a business management course in terms of teaching methods and the design of the online learning environment. As a result, we assist students with a better organized and designed course, and as teachers, we benefit from smarter utilization of the 'smart tools' in the online learning environment (Canvas). I can recommend Stephan and his colleagues as valuable sparring partners and facilitators, providing support and easing the workload.

GERT-JAN MELKER - Hoofddocent bedrijfskunde, VU Amsterdam


Stephan Eltink has led the team of teachers and co-designed the renewed program for 4rth year students. The assignment: design a blended program's business processes and create a learning community context.
Stephan has successfully fulfilled his assignment. Almost three years later, the program still stands, and students frequently report it to be the best educational experience they enjoyed during their four-year schedule.

Gudo Nollen - Education director HvA




Empowering 4th-year Business students with blended learning excellence.


Igniting academic excellence through blended learning in economics.


Unleashing creativity through the Landscape Design MOOC.



Unlocking the power of video in education through project management and content creation.


Transforming education advisors with an engaging online course experience.


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