I Can Help! 

Stephan Eltink E-learning Advice and creation.

The process of designing an online course or E-Learning can be challenging for many reasons.- You simply don't have people to build. - You feel uncertain about the didactics needed to transfer knowledge online.- Next to your regular business, there is not enough time to build your eLearning. 

Having a passion for online learning, I can help you design and implement your online training and education. In addition to Utrecht, the Netherlands, I am based in Taipei, Taiwan. Let's meet soon.

How We Work

A dedicated team will service you from idea generation until delivery. We can coordinate the creation of your online or Blended course and draw up and execute the marketing plan. Basically we will make sure you can focus on the content and we will lead you through all the rest. 

Contact me

I would be happy to conversate with you about your project and see how I can help.